What equipment do I need?

The minimal equipment needed is a pair of dumbbells to get started. You CAN do a version of every daily Program A workout if you have a pair of dumbbells as we give modifications/substitutions for every movement in our daily programming. Our recommendations for a basic set up are: dumbbells, a jump rope and something to use for pulling (pull up bar, TRX straps, rings, etc.) You can also add in smaller pieces of equipment such as a Kettlebell, wallball and something to jump or step on or over.

We program for everything in between the dumbbells to a full gym set up. Check out Rep Fitness for suggested packages that include a variety of equipment that matches our program where you can also use our Street Parking member discount!

How long does the programming take every day?

Daily workouts usually are programmed to be less than 20-25 minutes at the most every day. Endurance workouts can take longer but that’s why it’s up to you if you want to add them in if you have time!

Are there prescribed warm ups or daily strength/skill work?

We don’t specifically program a warm up, strength or skill time every day because we know the daily workout is enough for getting a full, effective workout and we want you to do what YOU have time or the desire to do! You can add in the suggested warm ups or the accessory work IF you have the time, desire, equipment, etc. but it is not necessary.

What if I need coaching help?

You can reach out anytime you need coaching help, advice, tips, etc. Feel free to email us with specific questions/needs, videos, etc. at or utilize the private Facebook Members page as we have a community of coaches who can provide input and help! Post a video, tag us in it use the #spcoaching and we will give you feedback and answer any questions you may have! We LOVE helping you make progress and reach your goals!

Where are accessory workouts?

The accessory workouts (Power, Oly, Suns Out Guns Out, Butts & Guts, Endurance and Gymnastics) are all programmed once per week and loaded on Members Only and Wodify on Sundays. To log results of your accessory workout in Wodify, sign in to that SUNDAY date and use the program drop down menus to find the accessory program you are looking for.

Do all workouts count toward 75/365 rewards?

Any Street Parking workout counts! Programs A-C, SHIFT and any of the Accessory program workouts can be logged and count toward your earned rewards! Custom workouts or workouts logged at other gyms do not count as Street Parking workouts.

Who do I email when I’ve logged 75/365 workouts?

Email us to let us know at and we will send you an email with a code to redeem on our online shop for your free gear plus shipping costs!

How do I check how many workouts I have logged? 

You can check your Street Parking attendance from a computer or your phone's web browser (not the app) by logging into Wodify and going to MY PROFILE > ATTENDANCE as that's the easiest and quickest way to get a total without having to manually count them as you would if you were on the app.

Don't worry if you see check marks under 'counts against attendance' if it is a Street Parking workout it counts - Programs A-B-C, SHIFT, and the Sunday accessory workouts.

If you don't have access to a computer, you can do it from the app by going to ADD RESULTS > PAST WODS at which point you will have to manually count them.

How do I delete a workout in Wodify?

You can delete a workout from the desktop version of Wodify (not the app). To get there, log in and go to the COACHBOARD, drop down the SETTINGS menu, choose the DATE & PROGRAM you wish to delete, use the CTRL+F feature to "find" yourself instead of scrolling, next to "ADD PERFORMANCE" is a 'x' that you can click to delete the entry.

If you have any trouble with this, you can reach out to and they can delete the workout for you.


Can I temporarily hold/freeze my membership?

We can do up to a 3 month hold on your membership. Email to have us set that up for you.

Can I change/upgrade the type of membership plan I have?

Email anytime before your next renewal date and we can make that change for you. Please do not go to the website to purchase the new type of plan you want to add to your account as it will NOT deactivate your current plan, you’ll just end up with two memberships!

Can I add a spouse to my account and/or do you have a family membership plan?

We offer a spouse/family membership plan for $12/month for the second active member to be set up with their own Wodify account and full access to all of the Members Only features. Email to have your family member set up. We do nothave it available to purchase on the website. Spouses can’t share a Wodify account where both can log results; individual Wodify accounts are necessary for logging and tracking. We do not add spouses/family members without active memberships to the social media pages at this time.

How do I cancel my membership?

Email 48 hours prior to your next billing date. Your renewal date(s) are found on your emailed copy of your Membership Plan created through Wodify.

How do I update my payment info?

Login to your Wodify account and from the MENU go to PAYMENT INFO > ADD PAYMENT METHOD and add your new payment method. Please be sure to select it as your DEFAULT payment method!

How do I redeem my Gift Card?

You should have received an email that has a link and code to redeem your card and apply it to your Street Parking account. If you did not receive this email, please contact

How do I access the Members Only part of the website?

When you joined you should have received an email “Invite to Join Street Parking Members” with a link to login to the Members Only part of the website. Your email associated with your Wodify account is your login. If you did not receive the email, please contact

Why does it say “Free” on the Members Only page?

The Members Only page on the Street Parking is free to active Street Parking members. Your membership plan payment (paid through Wodify) gives you access to this area!

What do I do if I haven’t been added to the private Social Media pages yet?

Email but first, please make sure you have requested to follow/join the private Instagram and Facebook pages using the handle/name you provided on your waiver. If you haven’t requested to follow us yet, we can’t add you!


Can I sign up for the Street Parking Nutrition program without being a Street Parking member? 

The Street Parking nutrition program is only available to current Street Parking members. As a member you get access to our coaches, recipes, resources, and some general guidance. Our Street Parking nutrition template is an additional, one time cost of $50.


I’m pregnant and looking for a way to continue working out from home during my pregnancy. Do you have options for this?

Yes! With the approval of your healthcare provider and the understanding that fitness needs are different for every woman and for every pregnancy, we have some really great resources to support you during this transition. As a Street Parking member you would have access to ALL of our daily and weekly programming with additional suggested “Mama Modifications”. These are detailed suggestions for how or when to modify during pregnancy and postpartum created by BIRTHFIT Regional Director and SP Pregnant and Postpartum Moms Coach, Carolina Stone. You can pick and choose from the SHIFT programming or Programs A, B, or C depending on equipment or where you are in your journey and use the Mama Modifications created for each to guide you through safe and effective options. You also get access to our SP Pregnant/Postpartum Moms Facebook group with additional links and resources for helpful information during the Motherhood Transition as well as the encouragement and support of our amazing SP Moms Community.

I recently had a baby and am looking for help with strengthening my core. Do you have any options to help with this?

Yes! At Street Parking, we feel that taking time to intentionally heal, rehab, and recover in the postpartum period is critical to your long term health and fitness. This is why we created the SP Postpartum Bundle and included the Conscious Core program as an option to help guide you through the healing and rehabbing stages of postpartum and support you in a safe and strong transition to the Street Parking Shift or Daily programming. The BIRTHFIT Conscious Core program is a 6 week online course with programming for 3 days a week. It’s based in developmental kinesiology and designed to help you understand, connect to, and strengthen the function of your core and pelvic floor. The work taught in the Conscious Core program is meant to be done slowly and mindfully and is going to be challenging in a way that is very different from your regular fitness routine or Street Parking programming. It might even feel more like physical therapy and the part of your brain that might find this type of rehab work tedious is exactly the part of your brain and the neural pathways that we are trying to strengthen and get working intuitively with the system of your core, so that when it is time to gradually add load, reps, intensity, and impact you can do so confidently and safely. We also encourage all of our Postpartum Moms to seek out the help and support of a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist for an in person evaluation and would be happy to connect you to a professional in your area through the resources on our SP Moms private FB group.

How soon after birth can I start the Postpartum Bundle and the Conscious Core program?

We believe that the postpartum period is a beautiful opportunity to slow down, reset intentions, relearn movement patterns, and rebuild a super strong foundation for your long term fitness and overall wellness goals. We encourage lots of rest and nourishment during the first few weeks after birth. The Conscious Core program is gentle enough to begin around 3-5 weeks postpartum depending on how you are healing. Please note that if you have something more serious going on like prolapse, severe tearing, prolonged bleeding, complicated cesarean or traumatic birth, etc. this timeline may not apply to you. Please email for more detailed support.

I anticipate being cleared by my doctor to work out soon and know about the SHIFT programming but wanted to clarify if there were additional postpartum options?

Yes, The Conscious Core program would be a great option to start off with. We feel pretty strongly that taking time to heal, rehab, and recover in the immediate postpartum period is critical to long term health and fitness. This is why Miranda created the Bundles and included the Conscious Core program as an optional offering before returning to the SHIFT programming and then eventually the Daily Programming.   We normally suggest you complete the Conscious Core program before you go back to Shift workouts and slowly add more complex or higher intensity as you continue to build your strength and endurance.

I had my baby a long time ago but still struggle with diastasis and core strength. Do you have options for me?

Yes! We believe that it is never too late to do the intentional rehab work to repair and rebuild your core. The 6 week Conscious Core program included in the SP Postpartum Bundle is gentle enough for the immediate postpartum period but effective for women many months or even years postpartum! In addition to using the Mama Modifications offered with every workout to manage any further symptoms of core dysfunction, we also offer all our SP Members access to the Core Functional Progression Warm Up videos. This unique series of movements is designed to help you connect to and strengthen the entire system of your core. It is an excellent option for anyone, but especially pregnant and postpartum women, who struggle with symptoms of core dysfunction like lower back pain, diastasis, incontinence, etc.   The video is about 15 minutes in length and there are a few different options for modifications at the end of each version of the video. Once you get comfortable with the movements you can try the Functional Progression Flow which moves a little more fluidly and is less instructional. This warm up would be great to add into your regular routine, before or even after your workouts, or as a great low impact option for your active recovery days!

Do you have options for recovery or mobility during pregnancy or postpartum?

Yes! Street Parking members have access to our SP Maintenance Library which includes over 40 videos for stretching and mobility designed by yoga instructors and SP Coaches, Jeb and Carolina Stone. The Maintenance library even includes a Prenatal as well as a Postpartum video that are about 30 minutes each; perfect for moms looking to rest and relax with a little active recovery.

Do you have any nutrition support for the postpartum period?

We know that navigating the postpartum recovery period is challenging to say the least. The SP Nutrition Template is here to help gently guide you towards healthy, sustainable, and long lasting nutrition habits. The Postpartum Templates are clear, simple, and easy to use. We’ve even had a lot of success with moms using the templates and maintaining or increasing their milk supply! You also have the additional options of one on one coaching and check ins with our SP Nutrition coach, Molly Vollmer! The Nutrition Templates are available to purchase on the Members Only website.

I had my baby a long time ago but still struggle with diastasis and core strength. Do you have options for me?Do I need to buy a regular SP Membership and then also buy the SP Postpartum Bundle?

Nope! The SP Postpartum Bundle comes with the Conscious Core program as well as a 3 month SP Membership that can be activated whenever you want!

What if I already have an SP Membership? Can I buy the Conscious Core program by itself?

You can always buy the Conscious Core program directly from the BIRTHFIT website. However, if you plan to continue your SP Membership for at least another 3 months, it is a little more cost effective to buy the program through the SP Bundle and either put your account on hold or add the 3 Months of membership to your existing account.