Street Parking Support for Social Justice

We are a no-nonsense, authentic, community committed to providing real people with the tools they need to take control of their fitness.”
- Street Parking Mission Statement

The Street Parking program and community were designed from the very beginning (Oct 2016) to break down all barriers to fitness. Our aim has always been to provide a place and a program that is accessible no matter who you are. This program was made for those who can’t afford, don’t have access to, or don’t feel comfortable in a conventional or “box” gym. It was created for those who work odd hours, or 2 jobs. Those who are full time parents, or full time students. It has been built to provide high quality coaching and a social platform to motivate and support people from all walks of life - because to us fitness is not a luxury reserved for those with extra time and money.  

Fitness is a necessity for everyone. It is foundational for overall mental and physical health. So - no matter where you live in the world - whether you are in a studio apartment in New York or Chicago, are on a military base in the desert somewhere, in a beach house mansion in Australia, or in a cabin in Colorado - YOU can be a part of this family.

Right now there is a very important human rights/social justice movement taking place. Equality and access to education, recreation, jobs, health, and a better life for ALL is at the core of the Street Parking belief system.

We have previously voiced on several occasions and have a clear stance on the fact that BLACK LIVES MATTER.

We are here to support and love the black (and all POC) members of the Street Parking Community - and aim to improve lives beyond our community as well.

For the past few weeks here is what we have been up to:

We have spent time learning, listening, and having conversations with the black members of the Street Parking community to learn how we can do better - to make them feel more seen, heard, and loved here. We are a team of action and didn’t want to jump in with a knee jerk post or response too quickly before taking the time to listen and digest.

Our staff has taken the course by Chrissy King - "Anti-Racism for Wellness Professionals" - in order to continue to improve our knowledge of best practices for diversity and anti-racism.

We have been carefully searching and vetting potential non-profit and charity organizations that we can donate to/raise money for that are non-partisan and directly impact black families and children - with a goal of providing them with more opportunities to thrive. Family is at the heart of the Street Parking brand and the level where we believe the most important changes can be made. (Currently putting together a campaign to donate to National Black Child Development Institute - - that will be released soon).

We are committed to continuing to learn and grow as a team and a community. Our hope is that we can come together during times like these to be a source of positivity, unity, and change.

Our goal for each of YOU (the Street Parking Members) is that you DO SOMETHING. That “something” might be different for everyone. It might be posting on your personal social media to show support. It might be teaching your kids, or reading new books for the education to help you understand. It might be donating, or committing to vote for new community leaders. Maybe it’s just listening. DO SOMETHING to leave this community, your home community, and this planet a little better - more equal - and more loving each day.

“If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.” - Dr. Martin Luther King